About Us

Our Story

FLR was founded on an intense passion for cycling, striving to allow every cyclist to extend beyond their current aspirations and achieve their cycling goals. Each shoe is designed in close cooperation with professional cyclists around the world. Their combined expertise has influenced the design and development of technologies & materials, to deliver superior comfort and maximum performance to push the limits of every ride.

FLR’s collections are all designed, engineered, and tested in our headquarters in Bulgaria and are made to empower you to reach your fullest potential. All collections allow you to maximize energy output without compromising on comfort and therefore rely on a constant progression of technological advances. These advances include the full carbon sole, synthetic microfiber leather, ATOP lacing system/buckles, Vibram sole, pedals, and cleats.


High Performance Shoes

Cycling shoes are the most essential piece of gear for any cyclist, as they connect your feet to the pedals, making you one with your bicycle, ultimately resulting in increased efficiency and speed.

Whether or not you are on the podium, whether you are generating power with each pedal stroke or pedaling in pain; your performance and outcome are directly determined by your shoe choice. Start your ride on the right foot by selecting the appropriate pair of shoes.