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MMR Factory Racing takes a giant leap with FLR Shoes

Two Olympic hopefuls step closer to Tokyo. Sergio Mantecón has literally refused to walk or ride in someone else’s shoes. The top-ranked Spanish mountain bike racer joined the MMR Factory Racing Team for the 2021 season and, to make sure that every detail is aimed at winning, Mantecón requested that the team train and race with FLR shoes. The six-member team will be equipped with F-95X II mountain bike shoes, and F-XX II road cycling shoes.

“Athletes are obsessed with performance – this is true for me,” Mantecón said. “The bike and components are directly proportional to my performance, especially weight, reliability and efficiency – I’m convinced that these characteristics plus the shoes’ comfort will help have a positive impact on my performance.”

Sergio Mantecón in FLR shoes

Nadir Colledani has all but clinched an Olympic spot to represent his native Italy at the Games. This will give MMR and FLR two chances at the Olympics. He and Mantecón are currently ranked 61st and 12th in the international standings for elite men, however the racing season is just starting to heat up and both racers will be gunning for the valuable points on the trail to Tokyo.

MMR wants another Olympic medal

Along with the usual world cups, national championships, and other high-stakes races, the team will be campaigning for Olympic medals in Tokyo later this year. Having experienced the thrill of winning a medal at the 2016 Olympics, MMR would like to repeat that sensation, so it was easy for the team’s management to adopt the shoe choice of its top rider.

“At the end of last season, we started talking with Sergio and the first thing he asked us was if he can use the shoes because he was so comfortable with them,” said Enol Costales Cortina, team manager for MMR Factory Racing. “It’s a brand that fits with our Olympic program – we are 100 percent focused on Tokyo.”


Nothing was spared in the design and creation of the F-95X II mountain bike shoe. It has a stiff, full carbon M550 outsole to optimize power transfer between the rider and pedals, and its ergonomic footbed ensures optimal circulation, and improves alignment and reduces hotspots. Off-road racing sometimes demands some running to clear an obstacle or slip past a competitor who chose a bad line, which is why the F-95X II features replaceable walking treads with removeable toe spikes. The shoes must also strike a precise balance between lightweight, breathable, and durable. To achieve this, FLR formed the seamless upper from a single piece of reinforced premium microfiber with nylon mesh inserts for extra ventilation and increased durability.


The racing team, which includes Nadir Colledani, Meritxell Figueras, Lucía Gómez, Lucía Macho, and Juan Luis Pérez, will mix up their training with some road riding to improve strength and endurance. What you’ll see on their feet is the award-winning F-XX II road cycling shoe. The ultralight, aerodynamic shoe possesses a sleek profile with a sculpted footbed and supportive heel to aid in increasing blood flow and reducing hotspots. It features a stiff R500 carbon outsole to ensure that every watt generated by the rider goes directly into the pedal to maximize output. The seamless upper is formed from a single piece of lightweight microfiber, with six air mesh inserts across the toe box and side panels to create an even airflow and provide excellent ventilation for the entire foot.


Both shoe models allow the rider to regulate a more precise fit (which translates to better performance) through two strategically positioned  Atop dials along the outer foot. The independent dials optimize closure to secure in place the ankle and heel zone, and the area of the arch and forefoot.

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