Alex Howes wins USA Cycling Pro Road Championships with the F-XX! Making the breakaway into the lead group in the last 5kms, Howes accelerated into his sprint during the last km, passing both Bassett (2nd) and Powless (3rd) of Team Jumbo-Visma. Howes won the national championship with his F-XX pro carbon cycling shoes, designed in collaboration with our World Tour Athletes. Our elite model is trusted by the pros and guaranteed to deliver maximum stiffness for the ultimate peak power transfer needed to win!  #WornByWinners
Ken Conter wins U23 Luxembourg National Road Championship Ken is a 2X National Champion (2019,2017). He races with team AG2R Chambéry CF and the wild card national team in one-day world tour races & world championships. Ken rides with the F-XX pro carbon shoes.  #WornByWinners
TOO STIFF TO HANDLE for – that’s the advantage of our new F-XX carbon racing shoes! Made for maximum power transfer and pedal efficiency, ridden by Grand Tour winning World Tour athletes. What’s the Verdict? Very good all-round race shoes with loads of stiffness in the sole Read the full review HERE
Giro d'Italia Custom Cycling Shoes 101
FLR is proud to race the Giro d’Italia! Our Athletes are equipped with the Pro Performance of the F-XX racing shoes for Maximum Power Transfer and Supreme Comfort needed for this demanding Grand Tour. “This is my third Giro, and I’m super excited to be back. My personal ambitions center around helping Woods however I can. He’s riding super well, and I would love to help him get a result. If the team gives me the opportunity to get into a break or two, I would love to win a stage.” Nathan Brown
Nicholas Dlamini on the Cover of TFG SportsClub Magazine, King in Waiting
Nicholas Dlamini on the Cover of TFG SportsClub Magazine, “King in Waiting”. : FLR F-XX.II Strawweight Road Race Full Carbon Sole Shoe. The FLR F-XX II Strawweight Road Race shoes are pretty good across the board, with a decent weight, great fit and super-stiff soles making them ideal for the type of rider who puts power transfer and efficiency above all else…. Continue Reading
BIKERUMOR!: FLR Cycling’s affordable performance road & mountain bike shoes. Over the Giro d’Italia, we spotted these sweet customized kicks from FLR being worn by Julien Bérard of AG2R. Although the one-off geometric pattern isn’t a retail option (check out how they were hand painted below the fold), FLR’s F-XX II road shoes are fairly unique in offering what seems like top-tier carbon sole stiffness & reasonable weight at a price level a lot lower than what we’ve come to expect for pro-level road shoes. That stiff performance value carries over to their off-road shoes as well, even with a sizable price drop for their second-tier carbon sole versions too.… Continue Reading

March 15, 2018

FLR F-XX II Race Shoes

Bicycling Australia: FLR F-XX II Race Shoes. A new brand has joined the usual suspects in the cycling shoe ranks here in Australia. FLR has a range of road and mtb shoes that certainly look the goods; Let’s see how their F-XX II shoes perform on the road… Continue Reading
Véloman Coursier: The Bushmaster Pro is for me one of the best bike shoes I’ve tested. I’ve been using the same pair for a year, for over 15,000 km. It’s comfortable from the first ride and the vibram sole makes a big difference between a sport shoe and a commuter cycling shoe. I ride everywhere under all weather conditions, from downtown to the countryside, stopping to shops, warehouses and offices. I always ride with my FLR Bushmaster Pro shoes, because they are comfortable, reliable and strong. Yves Hennequin, November 2017  
Bicycles Network Australia : FLR Bushmaster Cycling Shoes in Review. While they offer a range of shoes for all cycling disciplines at a variety of price points… most of my cycling is commuting and I need a shoe I can ride in between campuses and wear in the office as well..It’s stiff enough for cycling (though not as stiff as a racing shoe), but flexible enough to walk in comfortably (though not as flexible as a sneaker). FLR’s touring range fit the bill perfectly…FLR shoes are definitely worth having a look at as comfortable commuting, touring and trail cycling shoes. Continue Reading : FLR F-XX Strawweight Road Race Full Carbon Sole Shoe. The FLR F-XX Strawweight shoes are a reasonably lightweight performance option providing plenty of comfort and simple on-the-fly adjustment…. Continue Reading
BikeWorld.PL: FLR Bicycle Shoes – A New Player on the Market.

March 15, 2018

FLR F-35.III Review

Cykelwebben MiniTest: FLR F-35. How good is a budget shoe? …Great value for a good looking shoe, well fitting, generally comfortable performance shoe….Detailed work is flawless and the choice of materials by comparison to the more expensive model, worthy and efficient….from a purely functional perspective they stand out very well in the competition…
bikehub: FLR F-75 mountain bike shoes. The FLR F-75 is a cross-country mountain bike shoe designed for everyday riding and racing. Knowing nothing about FLR and their shoes, we were interested to see how they would hold up after a couple thousand kilometers of mountain biking…. Continue Reading
F-55 BikeRADAR

March 15, 2018

FLR F-55.II Shoes Review

BikeRadar : FLR F-55.II shoes review. No-nonsense XC-geared footwear. Impressively stiff race-focused shoes for the money. The first thing you’ll notice is the stiffness of the reinforced nylon sole, which uses a raised inside lip to create a semi bathtub design for minimum flex. In fact, it isn’t far off lower priced carbon shoes in terms of pushing your power through to the pedals, so racers and speed freaks on a budget are going to really love them. If you’re racing cyclocross or front-fanging up steep, slippery slopes for any other reason, being able to screw toe studs in will be a bonus too.
F-35 BikeRADAR
Bikeradar: FLR F-35 road cycling shoes review. We tested the £79.99 FLR F-15s back in November and found them robust and comfortable. Like those, the F-35s don’t stretch to a full carbon sole or micro-adjustable lacing system, but it’s clear that they are very well finished and feel well constructed….
flr F-15 BikeRADAR

March 15, 2018

FLR F-15 shoes review

Original from CyclingPlus magazine, Review by bikeradar: FLR F-15 shoes review. Robust and comfortable shoes for recreational riding. The FLR F-15 shoes represent good value…you won’t find many shoes with tried-and-tested ratchet buckles for this money.  

March 15, 2018


MBR Mountain Bike Rider: FLR F-75 PRO SHOES. The F-75 Pro from FLR looks tough and aggressive, almost like a piece of military hardware…. As a mid-priced race show the F-75 is spot-on – it’s rigid, a reasonable weight and has a good tread design, which is aggressive but shallow enough to run comfortable. There’s also plenty of space around the cleat area to engage a range of pedals easily, even in the mud. All in all, a distinctive and well-considered shoe.

August 15, 2016

Cycling Shoes

Considering taking your bike riding to the next level, but with some concerns?. ….I completely understand your hesitation. I too initially resisted clipless cycling shoes. What if I forgot to unclip? I was nervous about falling off my bike and i believed that clip-in shoes were just for super serious cyclists. But now, I think they are for anyone who plans to do some significant kilometers on their bike. Whether you are a roadie, a trail blaizing explorer or a commuter, a properly fitted cycling shoe can make a significant difference in your performance, comfort and level of satisfaction So here are some good reasons why you might want to become more attached to your pedals. Clipping in prevents your foot from sliding forward off the pedal when applying power, helps align your foot to ensure maximum efficiency, and aids your pedal stroke by allowing you to pull up on the pedal as well as to push down.Cycling shoes can also help you target your gluts and core better during your workout, since cycling shoes fix your feet into place, it takes a lot of stress off other parts of your body that aren’t necessary for the workout, like your hip flexors and shoulders, for example, and therefore improves the quality of your training session. If you wear sneakers on the bike, you need to make a conscious effort to stay in the proper position; since cycling shoes lock into place, they don’t slip around, which means you’re more likely to stay aligned—and can better avoid ankle, knee, and hip injuries. Another advantage of clipping in is that it ensures you pedal with the balls of your feet over the center of the pedals ( the optimal cycling position) and not your toes because your foot slipped forward and on

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